Tub to Shower Conversion

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Is it the right time for you to convert your home tub into a shower? You may require a steep learning curve to be able to understand the forms of bathroom features that will be most appropriate for the tub and shower conversion. This is a bathroom remodeling project that can cost you a lot of time and money. you need to plan well so that you are not disappointed along the way. For example, the floor drain that you choose will definitely have repercussions on the construction of the subfloor, labor costs, replacement of bathtub shower pans, and also the complete design appearance of the bathroom. This in itself explains why you have to bring a professional tub to shower conversion contractor on board to handle this task. It is also good to learn about the options that you have for the tub to shower conversion before you embark on the project.

The traditional practice sees tub and shower contractors put a drain at the central section of the bathtub replacement shower pan. Edges are also used around the pans to assist the water to get to the drain and not the floor areas that you want to remain dry in your bathroom. You can also get rectangular-shaped narrow floor drains that are also referred to as linear drains. You can also use them in the tub to shower conversion tower. While round floor drains expect you to construct multiple planes in the shower’s subfloor to allow the water to run to the drain, you will only require a single slope to assist the water to get the linear drain. You can place the linear drain on any straight section of the shower stall in the tab to shower conversion project. You can also decide to site it at the door to your tub replacement shower. These steps are critical because they will assist in determining the quality of work that you receive.







You also have to consider the total cost of implementing your tub to shower conversion project. These costs vary depending on your intended results. It is more expensive to set up around bathtub to shower conversion that utilizes a round floor drain when it comes to installation and labor. This is because you will require more time to construct the subfloor because the process entails the use of multiple planes. In case you wish to use a linear drain system in the tab to shower conversion project, the labor costs will be on the lower side as you only need to build a single plane in the subfloor structure of your shower. You can choose an approach depending on the expected results and budgetary constraints.

Some people just undertake the tub to shower conversion project in order to give their current bathroom a facelift. You will not be limited to the use of small tiles while installing the linear drain system in your bathroom like is the case when you install around floor drain. You can also use large tile and stone pieces and they will become a highly attractive focal point in the tub to shower conversion project. When you use a linear train for the tub to shower conversion, you can completely remover the doors in your shower if you so wish. This will tremendously open up space in your bathroom.

With all the above tips, you have all it takes to work on a successful tub to shower conversion project. Make sure you do not affect the functionality of your space negatively through this project. The project should be able to increase the overall appeal of your home. Employing the services of a professional tub to shower conversion professional can help you to achieve your goals with a high level of precision.