Tub and Shower Installation

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Installing a shower or bathtub are not be part of major renovation projects as most people believe. You can decide to do a replacement of your old bathtub or shower with a shiny new model that comes with several features. This can still be an opportunity of undertaking a complete remodeling of your bathroom. One thing you need to understand is that there are several options out there depending on your taste and preferences and budget.

Most people believe that their bathtub has come to an end of its working and the only option is to tear it and replace. This job can be messy and big especially if your intention is to renew fixtures that are worn out. Currently, you can get custom-made shower and bath that you can install of the prevailing fixtures. This will not disrupt your plumbing, flooring, walls, and tiles in any way. This solution is easy and you can complete it within 24 hours. In such a case, there will be no need to hire the services of a plumber and the process is less messy. However, in case you wish to upgrade for additional convenience and pleasure, let me share with you some tub and shower installation tips that you have to keep in mind.





Will it Fit Through Your Door?

It can be very possible to replace a standard tub with a two-person, oversized tub that you can afford. However, you have to make sure that whatever you are purchasing will fit through the doorway. Most tub and shower installations are done in new homes before finishing the floors. Therefore, replacing the current tub with one that has the same size can still be quite challenging.

Because of the weight and bulkiness of these accessories, shower enclosures and one-piece tab are normally a reserve of major remodeling projects or new homes. There are so many tub surrounds and shower enclosures on the market that can do simple replacement jobs well. It is very hard to differentiate them from one-piece units after installing.





Big Tubs Need Big Pipes

Apart from the bathtub itself, you need to consider other factors like floor supports, hot water heaters and plumping. If you have installed standard half-inch water supply pipes in your home, it can be time-consuming to file an additional deep tub. You may think of installing a three-quarter inch supply line.

You also need to confirm whether the capacity of the existing hot water tank can fill a large bathtub. Pairing a tub that holds 80 gallons with a hot water heater that is less than 50 to 75 will lead into the lukewarm bath. If this is the case, you can think of buying a bathtub that comes with an in-line heater. The gadget will re-circulate and heat the bathing water continuously and lead to consistent water temperatures for the soak duration.

Does the Floor Have the Ability to Support the Additional Weight?

You also need to check whether the floor has the ability to support the weight that comes with an oversized bathtub that is full of water. Modern-day custom homes can accommodate even the most luxurious tabs. The built of most traditional bathroom floors can only bear the weight of standard bathtubs. In case you will be installing an oversize tub in old homes, you may have to reinforce the joists of the floor.

Whichever route you take for your tub and shower installation, you may want to use this opportunity to set up an anti-scald device. These are distinct pressure-balancing valves that normally adjust automatically for the fluctuations of extreme water temperatures whenever a person starts up a laundry load or flushes the toilet. Anti-scald gadgets will soon become or have already become a must in 31 states for all tub and shower installation or remodeling projects. You can confirm with your contractor to know whether it is a requirement in your state.





Will You Require a Construction Permit?

Be keen to check with your contractor or the municipality to know whether you require a building permit for the new tub and shower installation. The regularities vary from one municipality to another and you can be forced to restart the task if you embark on the project without a permit. The cost estimates will assist you to get preliminary ideas about the cost of new tub and shower installation costs. These tips will make sure that you have a flawless tub and shower installation process.