Outdoor Kitchens

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The popularity of outdoor kitchens has been on the rise with most homeowners desiring to enjoy the great outdoor cooking experience. Most families like to eat from the outside especially in the summer seasons. These cooking stations are also excellent for BBQ parties. It can take you a lot of time to plan for your outdoor living space as there are several critical factors that you need to put into consideration. However, after getting your personal outdoor kitchen, you will notice that the money, effort, and time you invested in making your kitchen and planning is worth it.

Key Considerations

Before you remodel your house to introduce an outdoor kitchen, you must begin by planning everything. You must have a clear picture of what you want and how much you are willing to spend on this process. The cost is among the most important factors to put into consideration while setting up outdoor kitchens. The cost of these kitchens varies depending on your desired results. You must make sure that the design of your outdoor kitchens does not clash with the overall design of your house.

The other factor apart from the cost of the outdoor kitchens in the design. Make sure the design of your cooking area doesn’t clash with that of the whole house, patio, or backyard landscape. These kitchens have the ability to enhance the actual estate value of your home and you have to ensure that it blends well with the surrounding. You can hire a kitchen remodeling contractor or go through some pictures of some popular living areas to get a rough idea of what is expected of you. You may decide to install louvers that present a set of angles slats that are either hung or fixed at regular intervals in shutters to allow light and air to get into your kitchen. However, louvers keep unwanted elements like debris, dirt, and water away. The slabs should be 100% waterproof to avoid staining your kitchen countertops and surfaces. This also reduces the high costs that are associated with slabs that sip liquid and food substances. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful as you choose the materials you will use on your countertops.

Common Designs

The market has so many outdoor kitchen designs that you can choose from including the U-Shaped center. The L-shape design has a different place for cooking and preparing your food. The basic island design normally comprises of a small food preparation space, sink and grill. This is normally good for only cooking. The U-shape center design, on the other hand, will divide your kitchen into specific areas. It has specific zones for eating, cooking, and food preparation.


There are other plans and designs for the kitchen apart from the ones mentioned above. You can still develop your own design depending on the shape and size of your house. Homeowners can still use the above three designs as a reference point for developing a unique outdoor kitchen. You can achieve this objective by adding different things and accessories that will suit your taste and needs. Custom designs have the ability to make your home quite appealing. Your creativity will come into play as you plan your design.

One example that has been hitting the market is the shaker design. This is a perennial classic kitchen design from the religious sect that bears the same name and was founded towards the end of the 1700s in England. The Shakers held to the belief that each object in the home had a specific function and decoration was important to produce furniture pieces that were minimalist and proportionate. Shaker cabinets have panel profiles and square frames. You can split the panel in one or multiple sections by using pieces that are referred to as mid-rails. The functionality of the cabinetry and quality of the wood is the primary reason behind the shaker kitchen.

The Location of Outdoor Kitchen

The other issue to put into consideration is the outdoor kitchen consideration. Backyard decks and existing patios are normally an excellent foundation for any outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have a deck or patio, it’s better to get another location for the outdoor kitchen. It’s good to make sure that it is close to your house. You also need to put the location of the grill into consideration. You also need to think about the wind direction as you set up the grill. Don’t allow the smoke to get carried on the direction of your house.

The other factors to think about is the function of your kitchen and the type of cooking. For instance, if you will be doing the heavy cooking, don’t go for the basic island design. If you will be using your outdoor kitchen to host family gatherings, you don’t have to build a big one. However, you can make it bigger if you will be hosting larger parties.