Luxury Kitchen Designs

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Looking for luxury kitchen designs? All I can do in this article is to give you some ideas to achieve your goals. However, you can still think out of the box to come up with more creative luxury kitchen designs. In fact, it is better to come up with an idea that stands out from what the market has to offer. The most important thing is to have a kitchen that is not only appealing to the eyes but also highly functional.

  • Integrating Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen cabinets are receiving modern treatments and sinks are not left out. Most homeowners are going for a continuous sleek style all the way from the countertops up to the sinks. Countertops that are integrated with sinks are becoming a popular design. These integrated sinks are manufactured from the same material like the countertops. The implication is that there is a seamless blending between the sink and the countertop.

This design gives homeowners smooth operations between the sink and the working surface and this leads to a chic modern style. Getting away from the design, this contemporary style makes maintenance to be a breeze. The fact that there are no breaks allows for smooth and proper wiping down the working area. No more worries about dirty food and water sticking in the spaces that are between the sink and your countertops.

Quick wiping is sufficient to remove any staining or marks on your countertop. The beauty with integrated kitchen sinks is that they work for any kitchen style. However, they are more popular in luxury kitchen designs now that they make life easier.  They fit so well in contemporary homes and are a wonderful compliment to most of the traditional elements in the farmhouse or country kitchens.

The other adaptation to this are the various material sinks. Some of them include quart, vitreous china, and stainless steel. They have a flange that is designed from the same kitchen countertop material which gives it the seamless integration from the surface to the sink.  The list of these possibilities is just endless.

  • The New Norm are Neutral Tones as Bright Colors Tend to Fall Out of Favor

The upcoming home decoration trends reveal that there is a strong preference towards neutral soft tones. This is a theme that has been running through all luxury kitchen designs. The bright and bold art decoration hues and mid-century styles have begun to lose place gradually in modern kitchens in favor of the more laid-back tones.  Instead of the jet black or bright blue countertops, there are high chances that you will get soft grey, beige and white color shades in your kitchen.

There is a higher focus on the use of neutral backgrounds to highlight captivating individual components. Therefore, you can get a beige (or the modern-day beige – grey + greige) countertop surfaces, with a high-ceiling mosaic backlash pattern that is standing out against it.

Homeowners may also use other tones to experiment while still maintaining the overall neutral design. Some of these quartz colors that are slightly different include light blues (that are almost grey) and dull browns. Apart from this, most homeowners are preferring to stick with neutral beige, ashy grays, and off whites.

One interesting thing is that shifting towards neutral tones are coming at a time when modern kitchens are opening up for natural lighting. Folding glass door wall systems, skylights, and extremely large windows are becoming very common in kitchens. This results in an enhanced airy and bright feeling that is shouting modern. We are living in times when modern spaces are becoming more popular and a combination of neutral tones and natural lights come in so handy in expanding the perceived space.

  • Backsplash Tiles Becoming New Backsplash

In the past, homeowners typically utilized the 4-inch-high-slab countertop materials while installing the backsplash on the kitchen walls. Currently, these 4-inch pieces are disappearing to give way to decorative tiles that match luxury kitchen designs. This seems to be the modern-day go-to-style. Backsplash tiles will increasingly remain popular as homeowners continue to look for backsplash designs that stand out from the rest.

This is a way of drawing a boundary between backsplash and countertops. As kitchen countertops are going low profile with thin slabs and neutral tones, backsplashes have now become a canvas for trying out captivating and bold styles. Given that there is a tendency of homeowners to extend backsplashes to their ceiling and not just below the wall cabinetry, the backsplash is becoming a thing of the accent wall and this forms the visual focal point for luxury kitchen designs.

There has been an introduction of several styles of backsplash tiles to satisfy the desire of a backsplash that captures a lot of attention. Traditional subway tiles are still very common but with a few twists like large size subway tiles and multi-colored tiles. Tiles that have exotic finishes resemble natural stone, brick, marble or wood. These products are becoming more popular as homeowners try to look for something that is out of the ordinary. The style difference between the backsplash and the countertops has harmoniously surprising results. The countertops tend to tone down to highlight the backsplashes and both of them compliment one another perfectly.


The kitchen remains to be an important decorative part in your home. There has been a change of styles through generations as homeowners try to create a perfect cooking space. The modern themes result into luxury kitchen designs that everyone is running after. This is evident in kitchen countertops, lighting systems, and backsplashes among other important elements of your kitchen. Homeowners have a limitless selection of finishes, sizes, styles, and materials to use in designing modern kitchens. We expect more trends in kitchen designs as days go by.