Luxury Countertops

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Countertops are very essential components in any kitchen. All the actions basically take place in this place. Apart from this, countertops are the foundation for the decoration of your kitchen. Kitchen surfaces bare the burden of setting the feel and tone of your space. No wonder everyone is running for luxury countertops in their home.

Given the importance of countertops in your kitchen, the design, finish, and material you choose matters a lot. This article will give you some of the luxury countertop ideas that are currently trending. You will discover that most of these trends focus on the materials and color you choose.

Quartz is Still the King

Quartz is seen as a high-end alternative to granite and ranks top when you think about luxury countertops. Granite has been dominating kitchen cabinets for homeowners who are looking for a durable, strong and good-looking surface. The challenge with it is that it is porous. Liquids like oils, wine, and water can seep through this surface and lead to staining. It also enables dangerous bacteria to breed and leave behind countertop unsanitary. You can use the non-porous sealant to resolve the porous issues on your granite countertops. However, you have to reseal the granite countertops over the lifetime because it undergoes tear and wears over time.

On the other hand, quartz is not porous and hence does not require regular sealing. It is therefore highly resistant to stains making is a highly hygienic option for kitchen countertops. In addition, quartz is extremely strong and super durable hence requiring low maintenance. Currently, quart comes in several finishing techniques, patterns, and colors that resemble natural stones. Manufacturers are looking for better ways of improving this countertop material so that it will remain to be king for long.

Polished Vs. Textured Finishes

The world has been experiencing a design shift using more tactile and textured surfaces and countertops cannot be an exemption. Leather and honed surfaces are very common and you can apply them to various materials like quartz, marble, and granite. Polished is very popular for luxury countertops but there are several advantages to the other two. The honed matte finish has no to very little shine. The overall appearance depends on the type of stone but it should be a smooth surface and low sheen. Honed surfaces blend quite well with marble because the fact that it does not have shine will conceal any scratch marks or flaws.

The leather finish is a contemporary finish style that is increasing in popularity. This finish retains the natural color of the stone and delivers a look that is more sophisticated than honed. It also hides water spots and fingerprints quite well and this is very appealing to most people. These are just some of the few finishes you can choose when looking for luxury countertops.

Character Countertops: Patterns and Veining Become More Popular

Homeowners are looking for some form of character in their kitchen countertops. The good thing is that technology that offers such creative solutions is readily available on the market. Modern day countertops come in abroad range of patterns which is contrary to the plain styles that dominated the past few decades. Time has come to say bye to the round particulates of past countertops and welcome the more realistic veining.

Luxury countertops now see materials such as quartz being designed to resemble natural stone slabs like marble and granite. Adding this will enhance your creative personality and give the kitchen a wow look. You can get a more realistic look by going for polished pieces. On the other hand, leathered and honed finishes have the required durability. However, they bring a look that is significantly different for your space.

These divergent finishes make for a very interesting matchup with the other kitchen elements such as backsplash, cabinetry, walls, and flooring. It also brings an additional twist to your cooking by creating a fabulous visual background for a broad range of activities that take place in the kitchen.