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Where do you spend most of your time whenever you are at home? The growing trend among homeowners reveals that they are kitchen-centric.

According to the Healthy U Foundation, most Americans spend 30 minutes each day cooking. This translates into 192 hours per annum that you spend in your kitchen cooking. Freshome reveals that kitchens have transformed from utilitarian to gathering spaces and people are spending more and more time in this place. Therefore, this is an important room that should have all the important features that you desire. One of them is the kitchen windows and doors.

Houzz carried out a research in the recent past by collecting views from their readers regarding their dream kitchen and the features that must be there. The list comprised of everything from elements that make kitchen operations easy to maximizing cabinet storage. One funny thing is that the list did not mention kitchen windows and doors yet these are very important features in any kitchen.

You could be asking yourself why kitchen windows and doors are an important element in your house. Kitchen windows and doors provide natural lighting, access to your outdoors, and also frame your view. Here are some of the inspiring kitchen ideas that will bring a lot of inspiration to your dream kitchen.

Light Up the Room by the Bay Kitchen Window

Any homeowner who wants to add comfort and light to his or her kitchen will find kitchen bay windows to be very important. Bay windows are more expensive like other styles but this investment will pay off in the long run.

The Kitchen Window Should be the Focal Point on Your Room

You should look at your kitchen windows and doors as an important artwork for your walls. There is no need to invest in expensive pieces when a perfect window view can do well. Just add a colonial grid to the stunning picture window and the kitchen window will become the centerpiece to the whole room.

Ditch the Kitchen Window Treatments

In some instances, its wise to keep it simple and ditch the kitchen window treatment. The small and bare picture windows will allow in the right amount of light in your rustic kitchen.

Maintain Your Green Thumb Throughout the Year with the Aid of Kitchen Garden Windows

The year-round gardener will tell you that garden windows and doors are ideal for the kitchen. Such windows allow the homeowner to grow herbs in your room for easy access as you cook. Imagine plucking herbs from plants that are right before you and throwing them into your dish.

It’s Better to Have to Kitchen Windows Than One

Two kitchen casement windows are obviously better than a single one, especially when dealing with traditional windows. Casement windows are the best for kitchens because the window style is easy to open and allows a maximum inflow of air. It’s an excellent option for anyone who is an avid cook.

Use a Sliding Window to Slide into the Summer Season

Are you looking for a kitchen window that allows in a lot of air and has a chic look? The best option for you could be a slider window. Slider windows come with several benefits to homeowners. The best element about these windows is their view that match well with coy beach kitchens.

Go Cozy with Kitchen Window Seats

Window seats are an excellent inclusion to any room in the home and go a long way in enhancing the look of your space. They also come with an added advantage of additional storage. Kitchen window seats increase this affinity towards windows.

Arched Windows Will Give Your Kitchen a Classic Look

Arched windows are also referred to as round-top windows and they bring a timeless and classic look to your windows. These windows don’t typically possess moving parts and hence are energy efficient. You can also customize them to fit in any kitchen decor.

What About Kitchen Doors

After covering kitchen windows, the next step is to look at the doors. Both kitchen windows & doors are important parts of the home. David Chappel, who is one of the contributing architects on Forbes supports the idea of giving your kitchen the ability to accessing your outdoor living space. Kitchen doors bring a lot of natural light to your room and hence increasing the entertainment space.

You now have an idea of how to choose your kitchen windows & doors. There are various styles and you need to choose the one that suits you best. After choosing the best windows for your kitchen, send your choices to the kitchen remodeling contractor. They will be able to tell what you are exactly searching for before they even get to the site.