Kitchen Lighting

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Kitchen lighting, which you can also refer to as luminaries come in a broad range of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. It provides the user with a broad range of illumination choices that he or she can choose from. This article discusses some of the common types of lighting fixtures that are available for your use.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures are designed in such a way that they supply general lighting to the whole kitchen. They typically project down from the ceiling and the biggest lighting piece in the home is in the kitchen. You can also hang these fixtures over a kitchen table or breakfast nook. There are two forms of ceiling fixtures which include the diffuser touching the ceiling or flush-mount ceiling fixture that comes with a glass and the semi-flush ceiling fixtures in which the bowl projects from the ceiling so that it hangs several inches away. You can look at it as an umbrella that is placed upside down with an indirect light that is reflecting from the ceiling.


The other name for these fixtures is chain-hung fixtures or suspensions. Chandeliers, like ceiling fixtures, are also hung from your ceiling. However, chandeliers need more space and you also have to add more pizzazz in comparison to the regular ceiling fixtures. They offer general lighting and possess at least two arms with up-lights and down-lights. In most cases, they are used with formal dining tables and dining rooms.


Pedants are decorative kitchen fixtures. This kitchen lighting typically suspends from the ceiling and provide both task and general lighting. Most kitchen remodeling contractors prefer to put them over the islands or over counter areas where food preparation, baking, conversation, and dining takes place. An excellent example of pedant kitchen lighting fixtures is the mini-pedant that are installed in small kitchen spaces and are mostly less than 12 inches. The other example is the multi-light or island pedant which works well in bigger spaces that need more lighting.

Wall Kitchen Lighting

These types of kitchen fixtures are basically mounted on the wall. They can assume the form of scones that match a pedant, chandelier, or ceiling fixture. You can use them to deliver general, accent, or task lighting. Some of the popular locations where you will find wall lighting include the two sides of an art piece, decorative backsplash, or you can use them in creating a focal hutch point.

Track Lighting

These kitchen lighting fixtures are also known as railing lighting systems. These kinds of kitchen light fixtures have a broad range of flexibility in their design. The track can either be short or long, straight or curved. You can hang pedants, spotlights, and other types of kitchen lighting fixtures from the track at various directions, heights, and points to provide general, task, or accent lighting.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

These are also referred to as can lights and are located within the ceiling and not hanging from or being attached to the ceiling. Recessed kitchen lights are ideal for individuals who prefer decorative to unobstructed lighting. Recessed lights can deliver general, accent, and task lighting.

Under Cabinet Lighting

This form of kitchen lighting emanates from surface mounted, slender strips, mini track systems, or recessed disks that are known as pucks. Under cabinet lighting is typically installed under your wall cabinets to supply task lighting through the illumination of counters and work surfaces without projecting any shadows. You can also install them inside the cabinets that are made of glass fronts.

Given all the above forms of kitchen lighting fixtures that are found in most stores, all you need to do is assessing your kitchen to determine the right kind of lighting system that will deliver the best effect. As a reader, having this knowledge will help in as far as installing kitchen lighting is concerned. It does not matter whether you are just replacing part of your kitchen lighting fixtures or you are doing a complete kitchen remodeling.