Kitchen Backsplash Paneling

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Most people believe that the primary responsibility of kitchen backsplashes is to protect your kitchen from splatters and spills. However, today’s homeowners will tell you that the backsplash is an important focal point in the kitchen. This means that backsplashes play a critical role in enhancing the overall appeal of the home. There is a broad range of materials for kitchen backsplash paneling and the one you choose should not only be functional but also beautiful. You should also look at the maintenance requirements because some of them can be quite costly in the long run. The one you choose should also blend well with the overall theme of the kitchen. Let us review some of the kitchen backlash paneling materials that are available for your use.

Granite: Granite backsplashes can bring an excellent finishing touch to your granite countertops. These backsplashes will not only hide the transition line on the counter and kitchen wall but also brings a lot of protection from the liquid substances spoiling your wall. Setting up a 4-inch-tall strip of a granite backsplash in the kitchen is a common practice but there are other backsplash choices on the market.

Tumbled Marble: Homeowners like to use the tumbled marble material to finish specific areas in their home. It has a very appealing rustic look that works well on kitchen backsplash paneling. This material is quite distinct and is a product of exposing stones through the tumbling process. Tumbled marble comes from the same material like polished tiles. These tiles have a prematurely aged appearance because they go through an abrasive tumbling process. Tumbled marbles have jagged and cracked edges and have missing colors. Designers use a color enhancer to finish and seal these kinds of marbles.

Glass: Glass sheet backsplashes are the trending thing in contemporary kitchen designs. The design has been under use in Europe for several years and is now getting a lot of popularity in the United States. Most people who own contemporary kitchen love using glass for the backsplash. You paint the glass in the color of your choice so as to blend with the overall theme of your home. This allows you to customize your kitchen and is easy to clean and maintain.

Glass tile: Most homeowners have begun to use glass tiles in their homes for kitchen backsplashes. You can mix different colors in order to give your kitchen a modern look. These glasses come in different patterns depending on the theme that you would like to portray in your kitchen. The primary advantages of glass tiles are the versatility of the material, easy shaping, and an excellent finish.

Metal tile: Metal tiles comprise of Q-seal tiles, stainless steel mosaics, and mineral mosaics. These tiles can be used for kitchen backsplash paneling. These metals can bring a design element on any vertical surface like a kitchen backsplash. The material is 100 percent waterproof and does not rust in any way making it an excellent option for the backsplash.

Stainless Steel: These materials ring up an outstanding visual effect and guarantee you the divider from wetness. Some of the reasons that can motivate you to use stainless steel backsplashes include the material is long lasting, easy to clean, cost-friendly, and easy to install. It is one of the best options for your contemporary kitchen.

Subway Tile: Subway tiles are popular and strong especially in bathrooms and kitchens. No wonder most people like to use them for kitchen backsplash paneling. They build beautiful surfaces that are easy to clean and attract low maintenance. The look of these surfaces is just exquisite. It’s easy to install them and you can do it by yourself. You can choose to go for the white subway tiles in your kitchen or choose another shade. They keep the decoration of your space simple and monochromatic.

Stone: There are different types of stones that you can use for your kitchen backsplashes. Some of them include slate, granite, marble, and travertine just to name a few. The quality of surface you get depends on the stones you choose. You can mix different stones to get yourself a beautiful look. All in all, stone materials produce one of the most solid kitchen backsplashes.

Porcelain: Have you gotten a chance to view a perfectly polished and put-together kitchen backsplash? If so, one way out is to make good use of the porcelain backsplash ideas for your kitchen. The design can blend with your modern, contemporary, and traditional cooking space. The porcelain design can accommodate nearly any design.

Travertine: This is one of the best kitchen designs that you can find in the region. Travertine has all the properties that are required in an excellent kitchen. This rock is manufactured by the setting of minerals under a lot of heat and pressure. The texture is developed over a long period and possesses pores that designers fill before installation. These materials are also good for exterior decorations because they bring forth a rustic and antique look that comes with a tumbled finish. This material is highly durable and stronger than wood, porcelain, and vinyl. The surface can last you for a long period as long as you undertake the right installation process and take good care of the floor or backsplash. You can choose to go for brushed travertine, polished travertine, honed travertine, and tumbled travertine. The option you choose depends on your budget and personal preferences.