Cabinet Refacing

Top Tips for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing


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Cabinet refacing can be a daunting task when you do not have a clue of the things to be done. In case you do not have an idea of refacing the cabinet, it is good to hire professional services. Refacing the cabinet is essential for keeping visual apparels of the kitchen while at its best. They may become defaced due to scratching, glazing, chemical attacks, and banging.

Therefore, it is crucial to reface your cabinets so as it remains neat and clean. As you begin your project of kitchen refacing, you will encounter a lot of choices; you will have to decide on the parts to throw out, the colors to use, and the style to include; this may be unnerving and very tiring. The tips below are crucial for choosing to reface the cabinets by yourself.


Label the parts

In case you have doors of the cabinets and other sections pulled apart while refacing, it is a hard task to remember where things go. You may not be an expert and the fact is that you are not ready to cut new doors, therefore, it is crucial to put labels on inner component sides when they have to be eliminated. This will be done by use of a felt pen and masking tape. Ensure that you are doing it from the inside to avoid bad marking from the outside.


Save all the screws

It is certain that you will incur additional expenses when you lose your screws. During cabinet refacing, you will require a container or magnet alongside; otherwise, the small dickens will get legs. When you keep the screws, bolts, and nuts safely, you refacing project will be on time and easy.


Utilize the right cleaner

Refacing the cabinet involves cleaning and scrubbing. Regardless of how well you are scrubbing, there are areas which will be untouched. At this point, appropriate cleaners come in and you do not need to be worried about damage getting to your cabinet when you have the right cleaner. It penetrates in the hidden joints that leave you with a cabinet that is sparkling.


Utilize quality materials and paints

High quality lasts for reducing the frequency of refacing cabinets of the kitchen. All components which go into the project of refacing need to be above par. It may be more expensive immediately but you will save a lot towards the end.


How to save money with refacing kitchen cabinets

Cabinet refacing costs are considerably less as compared to the cost of gutting the kitchen in a very short period.

Refacing the cabinet may be terrific as an option to put into consideration when you desire a new look to the kitchen minus breaking the budget. Refacing cabinets in the kitchen include covering exterior surfaces with new laminates. Old drawer fronts and doors undergo replacement with novel custom made drawer fronts and doors. These cabinet front types are either solid wood or laminate.

A lot of homeowners have the intention of keeping the layout in the kitchen same especially if it has the right design, is functional, and is well built. Therefore, there is no reason for tearing out the cabinets. A novel kitchen project may leave the kitchen unusable for more than six weeks.

Kitchen cabinet refacing may range from repainting existent drawer fronts and cabinets and updating the hardware to stripping doors of the cabinets and apply veneer and other elements of decoration. Refacing may include complete cabinet doors replacement in a novel style by use of unique materials.


By doing kitchen remodeling, you need to expect to realize a return on your investment to above one hundred percent. You will find it depends on the age of current cabinets because older cabinets have better standards as compared to current ones. This is true because you will only get sturdy cabinets in vintage homesteads.

You will save a lot of money when you do cabinet refacing by updating existing cabinets because they are installed, finished, operational, and operational.

When you go with kitchen refacing in the place of cabinetry replacement, you will have access to all advantages of a custom remodeling function at an affordable price.

The other advantage of refacing the cabinet is that the work will take place in a short period. It is faster and more affordable when you are trying to achieve fresh looks for the kitchen that when you are doing a complete remodeling. It offers the kitchen a fresh and whole new appearance. The value of the home increases with cabinet refacing.